Original Church and Parsonage

       The organization of the Parkersburg Christian Reformed took place in April 1891 under the direction of Classis Iowa. At that time there were 26 members of the church. Our church has the destinction of of being the 100th church in our denomination. The services were originally held in the Parkersburg Methodist Church. The original church was then built in 1892. In August of that year Rev. Herman Potgeter was called to be the first minister. He was installed in October. He immigrated from Germany.
        At the cost of $58.53, the first organ was purchased in 1894, and in 1896, the original parsonage was built. Rev. H.C. Bode served as pastor from 1896-1897. Rev J. Plesscher came to serve in 1897. At that time a Bible study was conducted for the ladies going from home to home on Wednesday afternoons. A few years later, members of the church, J.O. Akkerman and J.D. Oelman, donated a bell for the church. F. Tammen donated the steeple. That bell is still being used today. Plesscher served from 1897 to 1912. During the time, the Evening service was given in English for the first time. Rev. H. Ahuis served as pastor from 1913 to 1921. During this time, a furnace and plumbing were put in the parsonage.
        Rev. H.J. Beld was here from 1921 to 1928. His salary was $1,400 per year. In 1922, the budget for the year was $2,000. Also during this time a basement was put under the church.
        In 1936, the church auditorium was renovated, and new pews and floor were put in. In the fall of that year, a new Hammond organ was purchased.
        When the 50th anniversary came around in 1941, it was decided that services were to be in English every other Sunday. Jacob Allspach, after 40 years, gave up his duties of Clerk of the Consistory and Sunday School superintendant. After this, the minutes were written in English for the first time. Rev. K. Tebben served our church from 1935 to 1947. An addition was added to the church to accomodate more members. This was dedicated on July 7, 1942. The German services were stopped in July 1945. During this time the membership grew from 42 families to 73.
       In 1952, an addition was added. In 1961, a new parsonage was built. The old one was auctioned off for $2000.
       On April 8, 1974, it was voted on to build a new church, with a stipulation that there were $75,000 in funds before the church was to be built. That funding goal was reached on August 8, 1974. The floor plans were approved in December of that year. The groundbreaking was held on April 27, 1975. The church was completed and dedicated in April 1976. The first service was on Good Friday, April 16, 1976. The service started in the old church and communion was held in the new one. The total cost of the new church was $262,489.30.
       In 1979, a new bell tower was constructed at the cost of $16,902.30. In 1982, the first meeting of the Friendship Circle was held, and in 1983, the debt of the new church was paid off. In 1998, Life Plus was held for the first time.
       In April, 2016, the church will celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Previous Pastors
Rev. H. Potgeter 1892-1896
Rev. John Plesscher, Sr. 1897-1912
Rev. Henry Abuis 1913-1921
Rev. John H. Beld 1921-1928
Rev. Gerrit Westenberg 1928-1935
Rev. Kasjen Tebben 1935-1947
Rev. Sidney P. Miersma 1948-1953
Rev. Elco H. Oostendorp 1955-1958
Rev. John H. Draisma 1959-1962
Rev. Robert J. Halwerda 1963-1967
Rev. Fred D. Rietema 1967-1970
Rev. Henry Lansma 1971-1976
Rev. Norman Steen 1976-1980
Rev. Henry Vanderaa 1981-1987
Rev. Timothy Koster 1987-1992
Rev. David Zylstra 1992-1999
Rev. Frank Pott 2001-2007